Our Mission

Godís Mercy and Miracles is a Prayer line whose vision is a deep desire to play a significant role and make a difference in peopleís life. That difference is made through Intercession in prayer, Actions through assistance to people in need in areas such as: domestic violence, visit to sick persons in hospitals, help for unemployed in the community.

A community is a combination of neighbourhoods and the people within regardless of gender, race, and background. Our inspiration is from Luke 4: 18-19 which defines our major goal:
The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor, He has sent Me to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

We recognize that there are many Social issues/needs in the lives of individuals, and so we would like to take the opportunity to pray with the intent of socializing (Intercession), and also socialize with the intent of praying (Active intervention), which allows the organization to socially assist in areas related to Domestic Violence, unemployment, Continuing Education and many other issues that accompany the need for such services.