Daily Activities

  • Wake–up Team: Composed of Sister Thelma Gordon, Sister Claudine, and Brother Bovic, from 5:00am to 5:15am of each service. The wake-up Team wakes up GMM members by calling their telephone numbers before the service starts at 5:15am
  • Welcome Team: It is composed in an alternative way of Sister Sandra Robertson, Sister Marion Flynn, and Sister Michele Proctor. The Welcome Team welcomes all people accessing the conference line by 5:15am everyday and registers their prayer requests. All prayer requests after 5:15am are considered as unspoken ones and will be covered by the Leading Team.
  • Prayer Leading Team and Word sharing Team: Composed of various members based on the monthly schedule, from 5:15 am to 6:00am of each service.
  • New members and Information Team: Composed of Sister Mechel Thompson and Sister Precious who welcome new members and get their contact information, anytime after the daily service.